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"Social Justice"

“Social Justice” and the New Politics - Enjoy this editorial from The Catholic World Report.

The Principle of Subsidiarity

This is an by David A. Bosnich on The Principle of Subsidiarity, that oft forgotten part of Catholic Social Teaching.  At least it's oft forgot by community organizers and progressive big government types.

 ‘Social Justice’ Is Not Christian Charity

What’s Wrong With A More Social Gospel?

Articles by Paul Proctor on "Social Justice."

These are some interesting links to the controversy between Glenn Beck and Jim Wallis over the term "social justice".

God's Politics Blog

Sojourners: Christians for Justice and Peace

What did Glenn Beck really say about 'social justice'?

Guest Voices: What Glenn Beck meant about social justice - On Faith at

Distributive Justice

This is a book by John A. Ryan from November, 1916.

Fr Caldwell Social Teaching

This is an article by Father Caldwell that appeared in the Knights of Columbus news letter.

Social Justice is a Misnomer - Consider Social Mercy Instead

This is an interesting essay on what "social justice" really means.  Thought provoking.

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