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Say NO to CCHD

29Whoever misgoverns a house inherits the wind, and the fool becomes slave to the wise.

The New Jerusalem Bible, Proverbs 11:29

During a frustrating argument with a Roman Catholic cardinal, Napoleon Bonaparte supposedly burst out: “Your eminence, are you not aware that I have the power to destroy the Catholic Church?” The cardinal, the anecdote goes, responded ruefully: “Your majesty, we, the Catholic clergy, have done our best to destroy the church for the last 1,800 years. We have not succeeded, and neither will you.”

Anecdote from EWTN Radio

We are participating in a campaign to stop contributions to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).  As many are aware, the CCHD has in the past provided funding to ACORN.  This funding was suspended in June of 2008 due to the embezzlement scandal at ACORN.  Since then, the ACORN voter fraud and ACORN Housing/prostitution video scandals have erupted, re-emphasizing the poor judgment shown in funding them in the first place. 

What is not commonly known is that CCHD was essentially created to fund Alisnkyian organizing.  The largest percentage of its grants go into these sorts of groups - such as ACORN (now defunded) and the IAF.   If you are like us, you have always assumed CCHD collections went to direct charity efforts. 

We believe that this indicates poor stewardship of our donations by the USCCB, and certainly miscommunication about the nature of the collection.  In addition, it shows poor judgment by the USCCB in the selection of those they chose to trust to run CCHD.  The potential good they could be doing is subverted to a political agenda.  Read the Mission Statement for the CCHD and see how well you believe they have fulfilled it.

You will be told that much of the information you see here is not true.  However, the fact that CCHD funds Alinskyian organizing isn't a matter of opinion but can be verified by anyone examining the CCHD annual reports, which are available at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' website.  Therefore, you must decide.  If you support Alinskyian community organizing then support the CCHD, but if you DO NOT support Alinskyian community organizing then DO NOT support the CCHD.

We are encouraging all Catholics in the United States to Say No to CCHD and instead donate to a worthy cause.  Print out and place one of the following certificates, along with a copy of your check, in the CCHD envelope instead of a donation this year.

The following links may help you to make your decision:


Defending the Catholic Campaign for Human Development - an article by Stephanie Block on how Alinskyian organizing is intrinsic to the CCHD.  (posted 12/27/14)


Report: 'Catholic McCarthyism' threatens bishops’ anti-poverty push | Religion News Service - Here is an article about a report issued by Faith in Public Life, a Washington-based lobby of religious progressives. It is some entertaining propaganda, but a concern because of the backing it has received from some prominent organizations and bishops.  It is comforting, though, that most of the endorsing bishops are retired.

Here are links to the report:

Guilt by Association, Catholic McCarthyism
and Growing Threats to the U.S. Bishops’
Anti-Poverty Mission

CCHD 2011-2012 Grants Report | Reform CCHD Now - The latest report from Reform CCHD Now is finally out, and it's not good news. 74 grantees have been "found to be in violation of CCHD guidelines and Catholic moral teaching." DO NOT donate to the CCHD collection unless you want to support community organizers and take the chance that your money could end up supporting objectionable causes.

Denver bishop says Catholic grants can't undermine Church teaching

The fight over fighting poverty: CCHD and the push for reform |

The Catholic Key Blog: Main Problem for CCHD - Community Organizing Involves Lying

Chicago CCHD Awarded $45,000 Grant to Pro-Abort Group, Despite Warnings By Recently Sacked Director

US Catholic Bishops' funding of the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP) while robbing citizens of their voice.

Crisis Magazine » The Catholic Campaign for Human Development: Reform or Bust Comments Feed

Articles: Why Do Catholics Keep Funding the Radical Left?

A Shepherd's Voice: The Story of Rey Flores & Why I Won't be Giving to the CCHD Second Collection

Regnum Novum » Our Beautiful Jesus of the Poor: My Defense of CCHD Comments Feed

Moral theologian voices concern over CCHD grant process |

Dr. William Marshner's Assesment of ALL CCHD Report

The Campaign for Human Development: Time to Shut it Down? | First Things

Without Substance: The debate over the Catholic Campaign for Human Development goes on and on... | Spero News

Catholic Campaign for Human Development: Isn’t it reassuring that some things never change?

CCHD Links - Catholic Media Coalition

In the "Some Things Never Change" category:

Closing the Fungibility Loophole | Excellence in Philanthropy | The Philanthropy Roundtable

Campaign for Human Development Improves - But Significant Flaws Remain in Catholic Anti-Poverty Program

Bishops Poverty Campaign May Revise Funding Criteria | News |

CCHD Baltimore - Explanation and Clarifications of CCHD Criteria and Guidelines

Alinksy, Campaign for Human Development, Industrial Areas Foundation, United Power for Action and Justice

Assessing the Catholic Campaign for Human Development | Human Events | Find Articles

Too close for comfort: CCHD, sex and abortion | Human Events | Find Articles

When the Devil comes to Church and Stays Interesting article on Saul Alinsky, Catholic Bishops, and the Alinsky-inspired Campaign for Human Development from Canada Free Press.

The following cartoon appeared at the Catholic Cartoon Blog.

The Many Scandals of the USCCB | The American Catholic

CCHD clarifies connection to activist network that opposed Stupak Amendment :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

ACORN, CCHD and the Principle of Subsidiarity |

Money laundering and the CCHD | EnerPub - Energy Publisher

Creative Minority Report: CCHD Director Responds--And So Do We

Creative Minority Report: Head of CCHD Worked For Pro-Choice Campaign

Lisa Graas » Ralph McCloud, Head of CCHD, Worked Officially for a Pro-Abortion Candidate, Document Reveals

USCCB Exec Campaigned for Pro-Abortion Politician

The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph has cut off funding to  community organizing groups.  This link is to an article on Lifesitenews: Missouri Diocese: Axe All Community Organizing Groups from CCHD  As noted in the article, "Jude Huntz, director of the diocesan Human Rights Office, pinpointed '[CCHD's] relationships with community organizing groups across the country' as 'the fundamental problem with many CCHD grants.'"  Here is the original statement: The Catholic Key Blog: A Model for Reforming CCHD.

BISHOPS AWAKEN! Now 12 Confirmed: Two More Bishops Cut Funding to National Social Justice Arm - Interesting information from the Brown Pelican Society of Louisiana on the CCHD collection.

At least 10 bishops skip national collection for U.S. bishop’s social justice arm - Another article on Bishops who chose not to collect for the CCHD.

Catholic Citizens Thirteen news stories designed to tear back the curtain on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Spero News: JustFaith Is a Big Part of the Problem

Spero News: Mopping up the CCHD

Spero News: Let's have a Catholic tea party

The Scandal of John Carr at the USCCB | Spero News

These articles by Stephanie Block discuss issues with the USCCB and the CCHD.

USCCB: Catholic charities shouldn't go secular, Vatican official warns | National Catholic Reporter

ACORN's Catholic Guardian

Catholic bishops and laity clash over CCHD | Daily Estimate

Catholic Campaign for Saul Alinksy Styled Community Organizing - The Curt Jester

YouTube - Catholic Campaign for Anti-Catholic Activities - This is a video produced by the American Life League about the problems currently plaguing the CCHD.

The Influence Of Saul Alinsky On The Campaign For Human Development - This is a scholarly article by Lawrence J. Engel who served from 1984 to 1989 on the national staff of the Campaign for Human Development.

YouTube - CCHD - Video presentation by Stephanie Block

YouTube - Join the CCHD Boycott - Video from the Catholic Meadia Coalition on the CCHD boycott.

Catholic campaign for human development: Still entranced by leftist activism, despite growing unrest | Human Events

CCHD, in policy and practice, denies funding to groups that take positions contrary to Catholic teaching - Memo to Bishops from Bishop Roger P. Morin, CCHD Chairman; October 2, 2009, responding to Bellarmine Veritas Ministry's concerns.

Bellarmine Veritas Ministry

Catholic Campaign for Human Development - Official webpage on the USCCB website.

Click on the certificate of your choice below to bring up a high quality Adobe PDF version suitable for printing:

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Blessed Virgin Mary, Pray for Us.

We are all for fighting poverty and defending human dignity.  We just don't trust the CCHD to do it!  Find a real charity and do your part to help. 

CCHD Mission Statement

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is the domestic anti-poverty, social justice program of the U.S. Catholic bishops. Its mission is to address the root causes of poverty in America through promotion and support of community-controlled, self-help organizations and through transformative education.

Founded in 1969, CCHD's pastoral strategy is empowerment of the poor through a methodology of participation and education for justice, leading toward solidarity between poor and non-poor as impelled by the Church's biblical tradition, modern Catholic social teaching, and the pervasive presence of poverty in the United States. This ministry for justice is rooted in our baptism and faith commitment.

The grants, economic development, and education for justice programs of the Campaign, implemented in collaboration with local dioceses, are supported from an annual collection in U.S. Catholic parishes.

-Approved by the USCCB-CCHD Committee November 1992


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